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Name the fruit for which only peel (skin) is eaten?

+1 vote
Name the fruit for which only peel (skin) is eaten?
posted Mar 15, 2014 by anonymous

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I am never quite what I appear to be. Straight-forward I seem, but it's only skin deep, for mystery most often lies beneath my simple speech. Sharpen your wits, open your eyes, look beyond my exteriors, read me backwards, forwards, upside down. Think critically and answer the question...What am I?

+1 vote

I am an item of jewellery.

Change one letter and I am the outer skin of fruit.

Change another letter and I am a current of air.

Change a further letter and I am an alcoholic drink.

Change one final letter and I am a trailing plant.

What was I and what did I become?

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I have a rule for words,
Only certain ones may pass,
Mom and level complete it,
But fruit and record lack,
It may seem pretty obvious,
But don't jump to conclusions too soon,
Racecar doesn't do it,
But what does is kick and noon.
What is the rule?

+1 vote

In a fruit store there was a unique weighing machine which was made to weigh only cherries and strawberries as they were priced the same.

Other fruits like water melons or mango had different machines as they were expensive.

A man successfully buys water melons at the price of cherries. How ?