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I wear a red coat and have a stone in my throat. What am I?

+1 vote
I wear a red coat and have a stone in my throat. What am I?
posted Jan 20, 2017 by Nimish

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1 Answer

+1 vote

A Cherry

answer Jan 23, 2017 by Kavyashree

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I’m very tempting, so its said, I have a shiny coat of red, and my flesh is white beneath. I smell so sweet, taste good to eat, and help to guard your teeth. What am I ?

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I live in a red house....
Yellow are my rooms...
I am like a precious stone..
Can u guess who am I ?

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I am covered with milky soft coat &

When my head glows red,

I slowly sink into a white bed,

Never to stand again.

Who Am I?

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I wear a green jacket on the outside, white jacket as a second layer, and red jacket inside. I am pregnant with a lot of babies. What am I?

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