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Who kon si sabzi hai jiske akhir me “tar” aata hai ?

–1 vote

Who Kon Si Sabzi hai Jiske Akhir Me “Tar” aata hai

posted Jul 9, 2014 by Mohammad

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–1 vote

Q.1. Wo Kon Se 3 Fruits Hai Jo Darjan ke Hisab Se Bikte Hai
3. ???

Q.2. Woh Kon Si Sabzi hai Jiske Akhir Me “Tar” aata hai
1. Tamatar
2. Mattar
3. ???

Q.3. Woh Kon Sa Parinda Hai Jiske Akhir mein “Tar” ata Hai
1. Kabutar
2. Tetar
3. ???

Q.4. Aisi Kaun Se Chez Hai Jiske Aakhir Main “DOOQ” aata Ho.
1. Sandooq
2. Bandooq
3. ???

–2 votes

वो कौन सी चीज़ है जो मर्द पहने तो मर जायेगा,
औरत पहने तो निकाह टूट जायेगा
और बच्चे खुसी से पहनते हैं।
उसका नाम W से स्टार्ट होता है और N से खत्म।

+4 votes

Take away my first letter and I am a store.
Take away the second and people who look at me adore.
Put all my letters back and read me in reverse if you are able.
I am now cars suspended from an overhead cable.
Take a letter away and I become male sheep.
Did you get it, or did the letters you try to keep?

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