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Guess me - If you share me, you wont have me.

0 votes
Guess me - If you share me, you wont have me.
posted Jul 5, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Are you a secret

answer Aug 8, 2019 by Comeback Tuesday

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A newspaper is supposed to have 60 pages.Pages 14 and 21 are missing from the newspaper.

Can you tell me , Which other pages won't be there as well ?

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You want me more, you want me less.
This is just how I put your control drama's to test.
Wont matter if you watch me, i'll only seem to stall.
It's seems just when I'm up is when you'll miss me at all.
What am I?

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You'll seek me when you are in need,
though I won't be found if you act on greed.
Some will collect as many of me as possible.
Others will only need one of me to feel full.
I wont confine you to an area, but maybe a zone.
I've seen your sides that are rarely shown.
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+5 votes

Hold me by the neck and I won't mind,
if I get wrong I just need a good wind.
If you want me you better pick wisely,
just use your ears and I'll follow you blindly.

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