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I'm an 8 letter word(12345678), I'm very smart and can be dangerous, My 78 is the name of an animal...

0 votes

I'm an 8 letter word(12345678),
I'm very smart and can be dangerous,
My 78 is the name of an animal,
Farmers pray for my 2345,
You can keep stuffs in my 678,
My 45678 is the message you received,
Ladies can't do without my 123 and You can never be intel

What am I?

posted Nov 16, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes



78 - ox
2345 - rain
678 - box
45678 - inbox
123 - bra
12345 - brain
answer Nov 17, 2016 by Mahedra Chaudhari

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Guess me:

I am an eight(12345678) letter word,
everybody keeps me as a secret,
my 234 is a name of an animal,
my 45678 is a dangerous weapon,
ladies cannot do without my 128,
communication cannot be establish without my 5678,
you need my 1234 to be a brilliant student.

What am i

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The following word pairs are anagrams which can be combined to form the name of an animal.Try to figure it out.

  1. Zeal, Gel

  2. Neat, Help

  3. Boa, Luff

  4. Bow, Mat

  5. Evil, Owner

+1 vote

I’m a 6 letter word.
I live in the kitchen.
My 6,2,1,4 letter makes a very hard thing.
2 & 3 letter r same.
My 1,3,4,5 letter makes a drink.

What am I?

+2 votes

Guess me:
I am a 8 letter word
4,5 refers to self
7,8,1 is half name of an electronic device
234 is God
5,6 are duplicates

+2 votes

I am a 5 letter boy/girl name.
My 1st letter and australlian national animal 1st letter are same.
2 3 4 5 letter makes a country name.
3 4 2 5 letter makes a farmer happy.
Can u guess?

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