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My neck it extends and sometimes it bends down into the water or up to the sky...

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My neck it extends and sometimes it bends
down into the water or up to the sky.

In cities many consider me friends.
With long slender legs, so graceful am I.

One bearing my name is known to have fled from a man with no head

posted Oct 6, 2016 by anonymous

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I reach up to the sky and back down to the ground.
Sometimes I reach far to the sidesto touch my brothers.
I conceal people and things.
What am i?

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I go up and I go down, towards the sky and the ground.
I'm present and past tense too.
Let's go for a ride, me and you.
What am i ?

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Halo of water, tongue of wood.
Skin of stone, long I've stood.
My fingers short reach to the sky.
Inside my heart men live and die.
What am I ?

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A man picked up a plastic water bottle and filled it to the rim with water. He put a ketchup sachet in it and closed it up.

The man approached a woman and said, "If you can solve how this works, I'll give you a dollar."

The man said "down" and the sachet of ketchup suddenly went down. Then he said "up" and it went up. Then he said "down", and when it was halfway down, he said "stay" and it stayed.

How did he do this?

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