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A psychology question, please fill in the blank:

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In Freudian psychology, there are 3 phases of personality development starting with the "Id" which is the child stage. The second stage is the "ego", characteristic of teenagers/young adults. The 3rd stage of development is referred to as the ______________?

Hint: Donald Trump is to the "Id/ego" stage as Bernie Sanders is to the final and more compassionate stage. And Hillary, who knows. She could be any one of the 3 at any given time. And depending on her mood, ready to push the button that could destroy the entire world at a whimsical fancy. As in, "Let's see......, what should I do today."

And because most American politicians lack this 3rd stage of development, the power of the Presidency should be reduced.

posted Oct 2, 2016 by George Davros

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4 Answers

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Best answer

3rd stage = Superego

answer Oct 3, 2016 by Nic Franken
Yes, you are correct.  The following equation can sum it up:
Compassion +  Empathy + High moral standards = Superego ('tis the ultimate goal of humanity).
And if everyone could reach this state of idealism, all wars could be prevented.
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The third stage should be maturity

answer Oct 2, 2016 by Shreeya Kharbanda
0 votes

Ruler of the Multi-Verse

answer Oct 3, 2016 by Nameless Entity
0 votes

It is : Compassionate and Maturity Stage

answer Oct 23, 2016 by anonymous

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