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How much money he had initially ?

+1 vote

One person has some money in his pocket, He visits four temple on the way. As soon as he enters a temple, his money gets double and he offers Rs. 100 in each temple thus his pocket gets empty after he returns from the fourth temple. Now the question is how much money he had initially ?

posted Jun 29, 2014 by anonymous

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5 Answers

+2 votes

Person enters 1st temple with Rs.93.75

T4: Out = 0/-
Inside=100/-(What he kept there)
Enters=50/-(as he kept 100/- means he had 50 when he enters condition 1)
T3:Out = 50/-
Inside=150/-(Condition 2)
T2:Out = 75/-
Inside=175/-(Condition 2)
`T1:Out = 87.50/-
Inside=187.50/-(Condition 2)

So he had Rs.93.75/- when he enters 1st Temple

answer Jun 30, 2014 by Kunal Shah
+2 votes

Let's assume, person starts with Rs x

After 1st temple visit, he is left with Rs (2x-100)
After 2nd temple visit, he is left with Rs (4x-300)
After 3rd temple visit, he is left with Rs (8x-700)
After 4th temple visit, he is left with Rs (16x-1500), which is zero (as he is left with empty pockets)

Hence he started of with x i.e. Rs 1500/16 i.e. Rs 93.75

Answer: Rs 93.75

answer Jul 7, 2014 by anonymous
+1 vote

Lets start from fourth temple,
before the man enters the 4th temple the person would have Rs.50 as per the conditions mentioned.

Before the 3rd temple the person has Rs.75 (100+50)/2.

Before the 2nd temple the person has 87.5 (100+75)/2.

Before the 1st temple person has 93.75 (100+87.5)/2

So the answer to the Riddle is 93.75.

answer Apr 7, 2015 by anonymous
+1 vote

93.75 is the answer

answer Jul 8, 2016 by Jaganathan
–2 votes
  1. Suppose. I have 200 in my hand when I entered the first temple it's doubled it means now I have 400 so in each temple I have given 100 I.e. total 400.
answer Sep 15, 2016 by anonymous

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–2 votes

When you enter in 1st door, you spend Rs 5 & remaining money will double. Again you spend Rs 5 2 times in next door then remaining money gets doubled. Again spend 5 Rs 2 times in next door & remaining money doubled then finally you spend Rs 5 in next door and you now have 0.

How much money you had when you started?

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