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Three balls are three numbers

0 votes
posted Aug 28, 2016 by Vilas Joshi

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3 Answers

+2 votes


Units x, Tens y, Hundreds z

100z+x=27y equ 1

x, y, z are all integers and all less then 10

Trial and error
27*9=243 when y=9 but then x =43 not possible
Similarly for others

24*4=108 when y=4, z=1, x=8

Therefore the number is 148

answer Aug 29, 2016 by Anand Warik
Congratulations, Anand jee! Keep it up...
+1 vote

a=1 b=8 c=5




answer Aug 31, 2016 by Naga Jyothi
In the problem, middle digit is repeated on addition. As such 148 is the correct answer as the middle digit is 4 and sum comes to 444. Good try Naga Jyothi jee!
+1 vote

By trying different options I ended up with
1 4 8
1 4 8
1 4 8

the addition gives 4 4 4
The answer is 148

answer Sep 1, 2016 by anonymous

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