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Distribution of water

0 votes

There are two bottles of 10 liter; each completely filled with water. Now 2 persons having empty bottles of 4 liter and 5 liter want to take 3-3 liters of water. You can use only these 4 bottles (10 liter-full, 10 liter-full, 5 liter-empty, 4 liter-empty) to transfer the water. Wasting or throwing of water is not permitted. How can this be done?

posted Aug 18, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

The table below shows all the steps that will lead to 2 bottles ending up with 3 litres of water without spilling in any step.

answer Aug 26, 2016 by Tejas Naik

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Three friends decide to distribute the soda cans they had among them. When all of them had drunk four cans each, the total number of cans that remained were equal to the cans each one of them had after they had divided the cans.

Can you calculate the total number of cans before distribution ?

+1 vote

The temperature on a unit sphere x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 1, is given by a temperature distribution

T(x,y,z) = 50.(xy + yz)

What is the temperature difference between the coldest and warmest point on the sphere?

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A generous man set aside a certain sum of money for equal distribution
weekly to the needy of his acquaintance. One day he remarked, "If there are
five fewer applicants next week, you will each receive two dollars more." Unfortunately,
instead of there being fewer there were actually four more persons
applying for the gift.
"This means," he pointed out, "that you will each receive one dollar less."
How much did each person receive at that last distribution?

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A farmer was blessed and got himself a cow that is able to produce gold liquid out of her udder. The farmer hurried to milk her and used his skill to process it into gold coins. He made 500 gold coins, Now he wants to divide them to maximum number of bags such that each bag will have a different amount of coins(two bags with three coins each are not allowed, also a bag with 0 coins are not allowed).

How many bags did he use after the distribution?

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There are seven friends, They steal diamonds from a diamond merchant and run away in forest. While running, night sets in and they decide to rest in the jungle

When everybody’s sleeping, two of the best friends get up and decide to distribute the diamonds among themselves and run away. So they start distributing but find that one diamond was extra. So they decide to wake up 3rd one and divide the diamonds again …..only to their surprise they still find one diamond extra. So they decide to wake up fourth one. Again one diamond is spare. 5th woken up……still one extra. 6th still one extra. Now they wake up 7th and diamonds are distributed equally.

Now the question is how many diamond they stolen?

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