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How many unbounded regions are there?

0 votes

Consider 45 lines drawn at a tangent to an ellipse. The lines break up the plane into several regions, some bounded (i.e., enclosed) and others unbounded.
How many unbounded regions are there?

posted Jun 27, 2014 by Akriti

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There are n lines in a plane ( may or may not be concurrent ) . Find out the maximum and the least number of regions that can be formed ?

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What is the maximum number of regions can be there by connecting six points on a circle?

enter image description here

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In your pocket you have £8.47.

It is made up of four different denominations of coins and the largest denomination is 50p.

There is exactly the same number of each coin.

How many of each coin is there and what are the coin values?

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The population of rodents in a house doubles every day.
Every day 25 rodents are killed.
How many rodents are there if after every 4 days, the number of rodents becomes same again?

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A company has 21 employees consisting of regular workers, vice presidents and one president.
All of the employees chip in money for a charity drive.
Regular workers pay Rs 70 each, vice presidents pay Rs 170 each and the president pays Rs 300.
If the company collects Rs 2000 in all, how many regular employees are there?

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