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I'm written with two letters, said with one and seen with two.What am I?

+7 votes

I'm written with two letters,
said with one and seen with two.
What am I?

posted Aug 6, 2016 by Mahedra Chaudhari

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1 Answer

+7 votes
Best answer

An EYE........................

answer Aug 7, 2016 by Varghese Anthony

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+1 vote

Pronounced as one letter, And written with three, Two letters there are, And two only in me. I'm double, I'm single, I'm black, blue, and gray, I'm read from both ends, And the same either way.

What am I?

+1 vote

I am an open-air sale.

Remove two letters and I am a brand.

Change one letter and I am a food item.

Change another letter and I am found at the coast.

Change one final letter and I am a hand signal.

What was I and what did I become?

0 votes

Two Friends Priyam and Shruti were talking.

Priyam said 'what rhymes with the word mango?'.

Shruti replied, 'Nothing rhymes with mango.'

'Actually something rhymes with mango', replied Priyam.

Who is correct ?

0 votes

I am a food with 5 letters. If you remove the first letter I am a form of energy. Remove two and I’m needed to live. Scramble the last 3 and you can drink me down. What am I?

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