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Find out the difference between two images?

–1 vote

Lets see how many people still like Tom and Jerry....

Tom and Jerry

posted Jun 25, 2014 by anonymous

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2 Answers

+1 vote

small blue square (unsure what it is) missing over Tom's head on right pic;
small jar falling off shelf missing on right pic;
another small blue square like the first mentioned above and at bottom of shelf by where cabinet doors meet by the floor is missing in right pic;
what appears to be a small and out of place whisker hanging down from Tom's mouth in middle is missing in LEFT pic;
dark line of fur in shape of a W at bottom portion of Tom's right leg is missing in right pic;
one bolt being poured by Jerry into blue pot is missing in right pic;

answer Apr 17, 2019 by Sharon O
0 votes

These went missing on the right: A nut, A Vase, and some sort of object above Tom.

answer Sep 1, 2016 by anonymous