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Can you calculate the amount of money the owner spent ?

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A generous owner of a company decided to give a bonus of $45 to every man and $60 to every woman on his birthday. But only one ninth of the men and one twelfth of woman were present to take the bonus.

Can you calculate the amount of money the owner spent if there were 3552 employees ?

posted Jun 25, 2014 by Nikhil Pandey

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2 Answers

+1 vote

let suppose in company there were x men and y women employee.
total employee is 3552 so
x + y= 3552
1/9 men and 1/12th women were present and each men got 45 $ and each women got 60 $. so
total spent money = (x/9) * 45 + (y/12) * 60
so total spent money = 5 * x + 5 * y = 5 * (x + y) =5 * 3552 = 17760

answer Jun 25, 2014 by Anuj Agrawal
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Answer is 17760 $.

answer Jun 25, 2014 by Anuj Agrawal

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