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I climb to the top I dive below I return again For another show.

0 votes
I climb to the top I dive below I return again For another show.
posted Jul 11, 2016 by Maninder Bath

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1 Answer

0 votes

Answer is the Sun

answer Jul 11, 2016 by Smriti

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+2 votes

I contain faces of different colors
for fun they get mixed with one another
It's easy for them to hang outside their 'race'
but it's quite tricky to put them back in their place
With time and patience it can be done
but to mix them up again is way more fun.

+1 vote

For nine months I grow and grow.
Then finally my head will show
When I'm pulled from the bed I'm in
And someone gently cleans my skin.
Strong and healthy is my mood.
Soon I'll be into solid food.
Some like my smell, some say it's rude,
To most, I'm positively viewed.
So who or what am I?

+1 vote

Your energy makes me glow,
makes me feel all warm inside.
Though now I'm just for show,
I was once useful in your life.
I once stood in your presence,
tall and fresh and good.
Nowadays you wear me down,
I wear a shrunken hood.

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