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What is the best name for Gambler Girl Friend?

+2 votes
What is the best name for Gambler Girl Friend?
posted Jul 4, 2016 by Mohammad

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Solution: Bette

answer Jul 8, 2016 by Mohammed Hussain

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A boy asks a girl for all the question of 1) your name 2) What is your village 3) Which class and the answer is the same for all three question is the name of a Kannada film. so what is the answer?

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A man is stuck on an island with his best friend and a fisherman. The fisherman and his best friend go off to catch food while he builds a hut. The fisherman returns alone with some salmon he had prepared. His best friend had fallen off a cliff.

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My best friend is man
I love the things that you give me
Do not forget to train me
Or I will not obey your command
What am I?

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I come in many different colors.
I create boundaries to keep things concealed and safe.
My best friend is a lock and I am also made of different materials as well.
I love to travel: you can find me anywhere.
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