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How is possible that Priya kept on reading ?

0 votes

On a dark night Hari and Priya were sitting together. Hari was watching movie while his wife Priya was reading mystery book.Suddenly the power went out and Hari decided to go to bed, but strangely Priya kept on reading.
There was no artificial light around but Priya kept on reading.

How is possible that Priya kept on reading ?

posted Jun 19, 2014 by Prachi Sharma

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5 Answers

+3 votes

Priya was blind and she was reading book by Braille

answer Jun 20, 2014 by Avantika Agrawal
+2 votes

Priya is reading ebook from Kindle Ebook. OR iPad

answer Jul 3, 2014 by Rakesh
0 votes

May be she's reading the book "How light gets on"

answer Jun 19, 2014 by Binu Mon
0 votes

She must b reading book in light only due to power backup(inverter or generator)

answer Jul 1, 2014 by Ruchita Ganjoo
0 votes

She is reading the mystery book on LAPTOP.

answer Jul 14, 2014 by anonymous

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