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Decode these sentences and test your IQ?

0 votes
1) 10 M in a C
2) 2 W in a B
3) 100 P in a R
4) 90 D in a R A
5) 3 C in an I F
6) 28 S in I
7) 9 P in the U
8) 12 I in a F
9) 1000 Y in a M
10) 11 P in a F

Less then 5 in two Minutes = Below average
Less then 7 in two Minutes = average
Less then 9 in two Minutes = Above Average
Perfect 10 = Genius

posted Jun 17, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote
  1. 10 Millimetre in a Centimetre
  2. 2 Wheels in a Bicycle
  3. 100 Paise in a Rupee
  4. 90 Degree in Right Angle
  5. 3 Colors in an Indian Flag
  6. ..........( in actual it is 29 States in India)
  7. 9 Planets in Universe
  8. 12 Inches in a Feet
  9. 1000 year in a millenium
  10. 11 Players in a Football team
answer Jun 17, 2014 by Rohith Tp

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Mr. Ryan went to the Market with his Dog..
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If you Get the Answer, Your IQ is off the Hook

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This is a test to gauge to your mental flexibility, creativity and cunning. Good luck!
(Ex - 16 O in a P. Ans - 16 ounces in a Pound)
13 S in the USF

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This is a test to gauge your mental flexibility, creativity and cunning. Good Luck! -
' 6 W of H the E '
(Example - 16 O in a P. Answer - 16 Ounces in a Pound)

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Put these words and phrases in the correct sequence and create meaningful sentences

1: a) visited b) a month c) in over d) I have not e) my grandparents
2: a) his father's b) final exam c) failed the d) Karan e) disappointment f) much to
3: a) meet b) Mrs Malhotra's c) surliest man d) husband e) you'll ever f) is the
4: a) be 21 years old b) still need c) to buy alcohol d) you may e) a liquor permit f) but you
5: a) is worth b) a bird c) two in d) in the e) hand f) the bush
6: a) is refusing b) than a c) fortnight's leave d) her boss e) her more f) to grant
7: a) six months b) together c) it took d) jigsaw puzzle e) to piece f) this giant
8: a) despite b) Myra hates c) her musical ability d) piano lessons e) attending
9: a) along this b) terrible after c) 6 pm d) route is e) the traffic
10: a) apartment b) but the c) buy this d) owner is e) I'd like to f) an exorbitant price g) demanding
11: a) vegetarian b) so make c) he's a d) sure to e) eggless cake f) order an
12: a) time she b) with a c) take criticism d) learned to e) it's about f) pinch of salt
13: a) my brother b) been a c) hypochondriac d) bit of a e) has always
14: a) only once b) seasonal flowers c) a year d) these are e) and bloom
15: a) to Europe b) planning c) all year d) this trip e) he's been