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How many tricycles were there?

0 votes

On the weekend, I went to play in the park. It was real fun! I rode my new bicycle that my mother had gifted me on my birthday.

On reaching the park, I saw that there were a total of 9 bicycles and tricycles. If the total number of wheels was 22, how many tricycles were there?

posted Jun 16, 2014 by Riteshwar

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1 Answer

0 votes

There were total 4 tricycles

tricycle has 3 wheels and bicycles has 2 wheels
So taking assumption of 4T & 5b, I calculate this:

4T + 5B = 9 cycles
4T + 5B = 22 wheels,
4*3 + 5*2 = 22
12 + 10 =22.

answer Jun 16, 2014 by Kunal Shah

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