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What is the distance between the points (a cos 25, 0) and (0, a cos 65)?

0 votes
What is the distance between the points (a cos 25, 0) and (0, a cos 65)?
posted Mar 2, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote
Just apply the distance formula for points (a cos⁡〖25°,0〗 ) and (0,a cos⁡〖65°〗 )

= √([(a Cos25-0)^2+(0-a COs65)^2 ] )
= √([a^2 Cos^2 25+a^2 Cos^2 65] )

(When we take a^2 and taking it out of the root, it will give a)

a×√((Cos^2 25+Cos^2 65) )

(We know that by complimentary angles, Cos25=Sin65, SimilarlyCos^2 25=Sin^2 65)
a×√((Sin^2 65+Cos^2 65) )
(We know thatSin^2 X+Cos^2 X=1)
a×√((1) )

answer Jun 22, 2016 by anonymous

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