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Two circles are drawn inside a square with side length as 2 + SQRT(2) as shown in the figure.

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Two circles are drawn inside a square with side length 2 + SQRT(2) as shown in the figure. Let the radius of the larger circle be R and the radius of the smaller circle be r . Find the value of R + r

enter image description here

posted Feb 26, 2016 by anonymous

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5 Answers

0 votes

Answer is sqrt 2

answer Feb 29, 2016 by Jaspalsingh Parmar
How did you came out whith this answer ?
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A very interesting problem, took me some time to solve it, the total magnitud of the side length is 4 since 2+SQRT(2) is + & - (1.4142) so 2+ SQRT(2) + ( - SQRT (2) = 4 this give the diameter of the a circle that cover 2R + 2r and haft of it is the radius (R+r) so the answer is 2. At first you will take the sides to be 2 + 1.4142 but this is only part of the "picture" you will have to ADD the second component in the original question (2 - 1.4142) = 0.5858
" For the Universe to exist, there MUST be an oppsosite mirror image of Ours"

answer Mar 4, 2018 by Juan Carlos Saavedra
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ans is 1.74

as length of the hypotenuse will be 4.2020
again R√2 + R + r+ r√2 = 4.2020
on solving we'll get R+r = 1.74

answer Feb 4 by anonymous
0 votes

enter image description here

The solution for above question

answer Apr 14 by anonymous
–1 vote

Answer is SQRT 2 +1

answer Sep 22, 2016 by Sachite Anand
Can you show how did you came to this ?

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