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In each sentence, an animal is concealed. The first sentence has dog concealed. Can you find the others?

+1 vote

In each sentence, an animal is concealed. The first sentence has dog concealed. Can you find the others?

  1. What shall I do, Gertrude?
  2. Asking nutty questions can be most annoying.
  3. A gold key is not a common key.
  4. Horace tries in school to be a very good boy.
  5. People who drive too fast are likely to be arrested.
  6. Did I ever tell you, Bill, I once found a dollar?
  7. John came late to his arithmetic class.
  8. I enjoy listening to music at night.
posted Jan 6, 2016 by Upma

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1 Answer

+3 votes
Best answer
  1. DOG (DO, Gertrude)
  2. GNU (AskinG NUtty)
  3. MONKEY (comMON KEY)
  4. BEAVER (to BE A VERy)
  5. BEAR (to BE ARrested)
  6. LION (BilL, I ONce)
  7. CAMEL (John CAME Late)
  8. CAT (musiC AT)
answer Jan 6, 2016 by anonymous

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In each sentence the name of a tree is hidden. The willow is hiding in the first sentence. Can you find the others?

  1. I will owe you a favor if you drive me to the airport.
  2. I am afraid of going up in elevators.
  3. Drinking cocoa keeps me warm on long winter nights.
  4. I hope the map leads us to buried treasure.
  5. "Eat another bonbon," said our charming hostess.
  6. Nepal may be the most interesting place I have ever visited.
  7. Remember to fold the map, please.
  8. I feel many lumps in this mattress.
  9. Word processing is not as useful as pens and paper for creative brainstorming.
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In each sentence a word is concealed, such as the word no in sentence five. If you can find the buried words and read them in order from 1 to 6, they will form a well-known proverb.

1.The word buried here has only one letter.
2.Did you find a jelly roll in Gaskin's Bakery?
3.It's the best one I've ever seen.
4.The rug at her stairway was made in India.
5.He's an old friend.
6.Amos sold his bicycle to a friend.

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A part of the body is hidden in each of the following sentences. The first sentence contains "head." Can you find the rest?

  1. The ad is for Monday's sale.
  2. The tour group can go to either country.
  3. My car makes funny noises sometimes.
  4. Sarah and Tony are getting married.
  5. That casino seems shady.
  6. Can't you see that Hank needs help?
  7. The sea is so calm out here.
  8. Would you like to go surfing, Erin?
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This is a fruit.
You cross off the first letter it is a crime.
Cross of the second letter its an animal.
Cross off the next two letters it is a vowel.
What is it?

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