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Mick and John were in a 100 meter race. When Mick crossed the finish line.............. in the second race? Explain why?

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Mick and John were in a 100 meter race.
When Mick crossed the finish line, John was only at the 90 meter mark.
Mick suggested they run another race.
This time, Mick would start ten meters behind the starting line.
All other things being equal, will John win, lose, or will it be a tie in the second race?
Explain why?

posted Dec 18, 2015 by Aastha Joshi

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2 Answers

+1 vote

1st race
2nd race
Mick=110m,john=x m
X=99 m
John will lose the race

answer Dec 18, 2015 by Jaikumar Bhatia
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Mick would still win the race.
Mick's speed is 100/90 times that of John
By the time John runs 100 metres, Mick would have run 111.1 metres (i.e., 100*100/90)
So, even if he started 10 metres behind the starting line, Mick would have crossed the finish line before John does.

answer Feb 11, 2016 by Sundararajan Srinivasa Gopalan

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