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Twins(Nihal & Sohan) were born in July but their birthday is in November. how come ?

+1 vote
Twins(Nihal & Sohan) were born in July but their birthday is in November. how come ?
posted Jun 9, 2014 by Anuradha Tabyal

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2 Answers

+1 vote

They Born in July Hospital...

answer Jun 10, 2014 by Vrije Mani Upadhyay
0 votes

'July' isn't month...It's may b a place ... a hospital.. or a clinic....!!

answer Jul 19, 2014 by Janmejay Sharma

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"We were born on the same day of the same year," said Betsy.
"And we have the same mother and father," said Patsy.
"But we're not twins," said Betsy.
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Willy and Wally are twins. Willy will celebrate his fifth birthday tomorrow. Wally will have to wait until next year to turn five.

What is today's date?

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I was walking through the park the other day and I saw an old man sitting on a bench. He was accompanied by two young women keeping him entertained. Lucy and Maggie Fletcher were their names.
Now, there was something peculiar about these two women. They wore completely identical clothes in addition to looking alike in every other way. They were the same height, had the same eye color and the same cheekbones. They were indeed born on the same day and shared the same mother. Yet, they were not twins. How can that be?

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