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How many cups did the vendor break?

0 votes

There are 300 employees in a company. An external vendor is chosen to serve tea twice a day. 100 tea cups were offered by the company to the vendor but as an incentive to have the cups in tact, at the end of the day the company offered 30 paise for every cup remained safely and charged 90 paise for every broken cup. At the end of a day, the vendor received Rs. 6.
How many cups did the vendor break?

posted Jun 2, 2014 by Pardeep Kohli

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Samantha works at a coffee shop where a 12oz cup costs $1.40, a 16oz cup costs $1.60 and a 20oz cup costs $1.70.
During a busy lunchtime, Samantha served 55 cups of coffee, emptying six 144oz coffee brewers while collecting a total of $85.90.
How many 16oz cups did Samantha fill?

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Manoj was a very careless driver, so his owner Ganpat gave him an offer that he will get an incentive of Rs30 for every bottle-box he delivered without breaking it and he will be charged Rs 90 for every bottle-box he broke.Ganpat gave Manoj 100 bottles-box to deliver. After delivery Ganpat paid Manoj Rs 2400.

How many bottles-box did Manoj break?

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A factory recycles paper cups for use in its canteen.

Seven used cups are needed to make each new cup.

If there are 2,251 used cups, how many new cups can possibly be made?

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