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Guess me: I am always with you, Sometimes ahead of you, Sometimes behind you, Sometimes bigger than you...

0 votes

I am always with you,
Sometimes ahead of you,
Sometimes behind you,
Sometimes bigger than you &
Sometimes smaller than you.

What Am I

posted Oct 12, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

May be your Shadow

answer Oct 12, 2015 by Salil Agrawal

Similar Puzzles
0 votes

Guess me:
Never ahead, ever behind,
Yet flying swiftly past;
For a child I last forever,
For adults I'm gone too fast.
What am I ?

0 votes

I get bigger each day and smaller by night. I say bye to you at night. And I am always with you in the morning. What am I?

0 votes

I am white, grey, blue as well
sometimes I'm wispy and others I swell
with drops of vapor from the air
When driving through me give great care.
Many shapes in me you'll see up high,
but down below they're more difficult to spy
I can ruin a day or a ball game
bring tornadoes and rain.
I swiftly cover up the light
and rumbles within can cause great fright.

What am I?

+2 votes

I am the first thing you need while camping.
I am always with the person named Marcos Valencia and Carrick.
But Pogba Zlatan and Rooney thinks I am wasteful and do not need me.
I am the second to the last thing to add when you are making a patch.

What am I?

+1 vote

I'm sometimes used to settle hate,
Around the place I navigate.
I am locked in eternal fight
With those within my user's sight.
A set of spokes dictate my turn,
To leave, my users often yearn.
In a place you'll rarely see,
Many fight for wealth of me.

What am I?

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