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What proof man has provided to show that he is a married person?

–1 vote

एकआदमी रेगिस्थान में जा रहा था उसे बहुत ही ज्यादा प्यास लगी वहां एक औरत के पास घड़े में पानी था तो उस आदमी ने उससे पिने को पानी माँगा तो उस औरत ने कहा में सिर्फ शादीशुदा को ही पानी पिलाती हूँ अगर तुम्हारी शादी हो गई है तो कोई सबुत दो जेसे की मेने मांग भरी है मंगलसूत्र पहना है बिंदी लगाईं है वेसे ही तुम भी कोई सबुत दो तो में आपको पानी पिला दूंगी तो उस आदमी ने एक सबुत दिया और वो औरत मान गई और उसे पानी पिला दिया अब आप बताओ उस आदमी ने क्या सबूत दिया....

On man was going from desert and became very thirsty on the way, He found a women with water and man asked water from the women. Women said I only give water to married people, if you are married then show me the proof of marriage like मंगलसूत्र / बिंदी ". Man showed her the proof and woman agreed on the evidence also gave him water to drink. Now the question is what proof man has provided to prove that he is married.

posted Sep 24, 2015 by anonymous

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6 Answers

+1 vote

marriage certificate

answer May 23, 2016 by anonymous
0 votes

He showed his Ring

answer Sep 24, 2015 by Kumar
0 votes

he showed his wife's pic in his mobile?

answer Oct 2, 2015 by Naga Jyothi
0 votes

he shown his wife pic, or ring

answer Dec 19, 2015 by anonymous
0 votes

He showed his marraige pic

answer Dec 19, 2015 by Jaikumar Bhatia
0 votes

passport as it contains name of spouse

answer Nov 8, 2016 by anonymous

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