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Find two eleven letter words that begin and end with ‘P’?

+1 vote
Find two eleven letter words that begin and end with ‘P’?
posted Sep 24, 2015 by Ankur Athari

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1 Answer

0 votes

Found 3 of them:
1. Partnership
2. Praetorship
3. Premiership

answer Jul 30, 2018 by Hanifa Mammadov

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Find two seven letter words that begin with 'S' and end with 'ICE', one means to 'assist someone' and the other means 'enough'.

What are the two words?

0 votes

Let’s try a little word play. First, an example.
Start with insects, add a letter, end up with a garment.
Answer: ants + p = pants
Now try these.
1. Start with a body part, add a letter, end with an animal.
2. Start with a grain, add a letter, end with transportation.
3. Start with a math term, add a letter, end with food.
4. Start with an establishment in the city, add a letter, end up on a farm.
5. Start with a covering, add 2 letters, end with a sport.
6. Start out being exposed to warmth, add 2 letters, end up with a container.
7. Start out with a fruit, add a letter, end up with a weapon.
8. Start out with a rate, add a letter, end up far out.
9. Start out with a number, add a letter, end up with a sound.
10. Start out as a relative, add 3 letters, end up with a poem.

+1 vote

Find the words that end with OO

  1. Improper or implausible to society
  2. Inuit abode
  3. Popular online search engine
  4. Park like area where animals are kept on display
  5. Boxing marsupial
  6. Australian musical instrument
  7. Decisive final defeat
  8. Indelible body marking
  9. Tree like grass having woody stem
  10. A religion involving worship of the dead
  11. A cowboy or broncobuster
  12. A musical toy banned during cricket matches
  13. Large crested parrot
  14. A noisy attention getting demonstration
  15. An African antelope
  16. A dog breed
  17. Object of fear, a bogey
  18. Rush off somewhere in a hurry
  19. Rugby team from New Zealand
  20. Movement to shame sexual predators in the workplace
  21. Extravagant publicity or fuss
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