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Who did Cleopatra marry to solidify her grip to the throne?

+2 votes
posted Dec 27, 2016 by Atindra Kumar Nath

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1 Answer

+2 votes
Best answer

She didn't marry for solidifying her grip to the throne. Infact, Cleopatra originally ruled jointly with her father Ptolemy XII Auletes, and later with her brothers Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV, whom she married as per Egyptian custom, but eventually she became sole ruler.
As pharaoh,

she consummated a liaison with Julius Caesar that solidified her grip on the throne.

She later elevated Caesarion, her son with Caesar, to co-ruler in name.

answer Jan 3, 2017 by Akhilesh Kumar Das
Oh so she didn't marry to Julius Caesar
No she didn't. Its like to get the Groom in the same familly.