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Hidden features on these everyday things

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1. The mysterious keyboard

Noticed those small raised lines on the F and J keys of your keyboard? Yes, it does have a purpose. It helps you to find the home keys when you are typing away.

2. That small iPhone hole 

Well, it is actually a microphone embedded into the phone body.

3. Those charger hooks

You must have encountered those small white hooks on your Apple charger. They are not 'useless', rather make the task of wrapping up the cable very easy.

4. And the Bobby pins

Girls used to love these different pins to keep the hair intact but probably they used it wrong. The crinkled side that you see in the pins are meant to be at the bottom that helps in keeping the pin in place for a long time.

5. The pot holder

Often cooked using it in the kitchen. Right? But that hole in the handle of the pot is not merely for hanging it after washing. You can also keep your spoon there!

6. Vents on your sneakers

The little rivets just above the soles of your sneakers are meant to keep your sneakers waterproof and to let in the fresh air.

7. The padlocks

Ever wondered that the small hole on the bottom of your padlock is a must? It is needed to oil the lock and also to drain water out of it.

8. The pen cap

Have you noticed the small hole at the top of the pen cap? It is to ensure the safety of the children as if some child accidentally swallows it, he may not choke.

9. Rivets on your jeans

These metal holes on your jeans must still be unnoticed by many of you. They serve a vital purpose. They are placed on those areas of the jeans that are prone to be pulled apart by strain or movement. They reinforce stress points of the jeans that tend to tear apart.


Bottle Indents 

We have often seen a bottle indent on a wine bottle. Yeah? The scientific reason for that is to keep the pressure even when the bottle is corked. The rule is; higher the pressure, deeper the indent.

11. Caps

The small piece of plastic inside soda bottle cap plays the role of an extra sealant and keeps the liquid and carbonation in.

12. Gauges

While driving your car, the arrow by the gas gauge shows you that, which side the tank is on.

13. Bump at the end of your laptop charger

The bump at the end of your laptop charger is not only for looks, it helps to prevent interference in the cable.

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posted Nov 10, 2016 by Sunita

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