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Nandi Bull : Why Do People Whisper Into His Ears ?

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Namaskar Everyone ! I am back with another amazing trivia.

Have you ever been to a Shiva Temple ? Then you must have seen some people whispering something in Nandi Bull's ears. Have you ? Like this 

Well, it is believed that if we say our wishes into Nandi's ears then those wishes reach Lord Shiva for sure.

Now, some people will ask, ''Don't our prayers reach Lord Shiva if we don't whisper them into Nandi's ears ?

Good Question !

Now I would like to answer this question in the form of the below story :

Once, Parvati lost her memory. Lord Shiva was  disturbed due to this. One day, he started meditating along with Goddess Parvati.

Nandi Bull decided that he will also be a part of this meditaion and he sat in front of Lord Shiva. (That's exactly why Idol of Nandi is always in front of Lord Shiva).


Nandi ensured that he is connected to the lord.  During this time Jalandhar, who was enemy of Lord Shiva abducted Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva didn't know this as he continued the meditation,

Gods (Devatas) were scared and didn't know how to inform Lord Shiva About this accident. They selected Lord Ganesha to pass this information. Lord Ganesha tried to make Lord Shiva come out of meditation but he failed and then an Idea struck Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha whispered everything into ears of  Nandi Bull and Nandi Bull communicated all that he heard to Lord Shiva.

This is how Lord Shiva came out of his Deep Meditation.

After this incident this Custom has come up that if we whisper our wishes into Nandi Bull's ears, it is communicated to Lord Shiva (even if he is Meditating) and the prayers are answered accordingly.

Interesting, Right ?

Jai Hind !



Image Source : Google Images
posted Oct 16, 2016 by Pankaj Maurya

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