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Who is the richest Indian Politician as of today?

0 votes
Who is the richest Indian Politician as of today?
posted Feb 12, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+2 votes

Savitri Devu Jindal is a Non-Executive Chairperson, Jindal Steel & Power Limited.

In 2005, Jindal was elected to the Haryana Vidhan Sabha from Hissar constituency. In 2009, she was re-elected to the constituency and was appointed as the cabinet minister in the Haryana Government on 29 October 2013.

In the previous cabinet, she had served as the Minister of State for Revenue and Disaster Management, Consolidation, Rehabilitation and Housing and also the Minster of State for Urban Local Bodies and Housing.

answer Feb 13, 2015 by Amit Kumar Pandey
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