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What can Ehlers-Danlos syndrome relate to?

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What can Ehlers-Danlos syndrome relate to?
posted Aug 22, 2016 by Manish Tiwari

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1 Answer

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Ehlers–Danlos syndrome is a group of genetic connective tissue disorders. Symptoms can vary from mildly loose joints to life-threatening complications such as aortic dissection.

EDS is caused by a defect in the structure, production, or processing of collagen or proteins that interact with collagen. Collagen provides structure and strength to connective tissue. A defect in collagen can weaken connective tissue in the skin, bones, blood vessels, and organs, resulting in the features of the disorder. Inheritance patterns depend on the type of Ehlers–Danlos syndrome

There is no cure for EDS. Treatment is supportive, including close monitoring of the digestive, excretory, and particularly the cardiovascular systems. Physical therapy, bracing, and corrective surgery may help with injuries and pain that tend to develop in certain types of EDS, although extra caution and special practices are advised to prevent permanent damage. EDS is a long term disease.

answer Nov 8, 2016 by Shivaranjini
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