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Geography is called BhuGol in Hindi, does it means that Indians knows that earth is sphere in olden days itself?

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Geography is called BhuGol in Hindi which means rounded earth, does it means that Indians knows that earth is sphere in olden days itself?

posted May 13, 2016 by Salil Agrawal

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what do you want to ask sir?
My Question is does the Ancient Indian knows that earth is round as geography is called BhuGol in Hindi?
Goto following dictionary and it feels that they know -
But that is the whole query, do we have some historical proof which can say that Indians from this century onwards has idea that earth is round.
sir ,acording to wikipidea,
The works of the classical Indian astronomer and mathematician, Aryabhatta (476–550 AD), deal with the sphericity of the Earth and the motion of the planets. The final two parts of his Sanskrit magnum opus, the Aryabhatiya, which were named the Kalakriya ("reckoning of time") and the Gol ("sphere"), state that the Earth is spherical and that its circumference is 4,967 yojanas. In modern units this is 39,968 km (24,835 mi), close to the current equatorial value of 40,075 km (24,901 mi).

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