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Does taxing rich one and distributing them to poor makes poor better off in long run?

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Lot of talk about the wealth distribution, does anyone has the data which says taxing rich one and distributing them to poor makes poor better off in long run?

posted Jan 22, 2015 by Salil Agrawal

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1 Answer

0 votes

Probably not data, but a psychological/sociological perspective may help...coz, society is not evenly distributed

Be patient for long answer...
Any society has different type of people - some types are:
1. Those who go after
2. Those who go after justice, fairness,.. (politically fancy terms)
3. Those who go after power...(need any reference???)
4. Those who don't care about anything except living life for that day
5. Those who are sadistic (happiness in others' sufferings)
6. Those who care about basic ROTI, KAPADA, MAKAN
7. Those who are greed for more ...ROTI, KAPADA, MAKAN
8. Those who are just lazy...
9. Those who work really hard, but do not get enough money to even sustain their basic ROTI, KAPADA, MAKAN (for proof, check out small farmers, who own less than 10 acres of land and who knows only agriculture)
10. Those who don't do much work but make lot of money...
.....lot more crazy types

But, the ratio of the different types just keep varying over period of time.
As individuals, probably we can argue about right/wrong/pros/cons....
But, as a governing body, the government should be concerned about all the sections of the society...
In current scenario, playing the role of Robin Hood (as mentioned in ur question) may be stop gap solution.
A wise government will also play complementary roles of :
1. Skill development for people to be relevant to present times
2. Motivation for people to work hard and earn money
3. penalise those who earn unfairly
which will also evolve over a period of time.

so, it is a case to case basis...

answer Feb 21, 2015 by R.senthil