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Incredible India. Salam Tujhe !!!

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India is the second largest populous country in the world and the largest populous democracy in the world. 

India and Pakistan have the same number of Muslims.

In between 2001 and 2011, India’s population growth was more than Pakistan’s entire population!

India has more than twice the population of the UK.

During the British Raj nearly 1900, the population was around 238 million. In the census of 2011, the population rose to cross the 1 billion mark. The increase was in 332% in a century.

Indian Railway is the biggest employer in India and it employs around 1.4 million people.

The employ base of the people is more than the combined population of Trinidad and Tobago, Estonia, Mauritius, Bahrain, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Vatican City and many more. The Indian Railways carry 30 million passengers every day. Which is more than the total inhabitants in Sri Lanka and is also just 2% of the total population of our country. 

Mumbai’s local trains have a daily ridership of 7.58 million. That’s largest than the population of many countries, including New Zealand and Bulgaria.

India Population is greater than Russia. According to the census.

The population of students in India was around 315 million people. It is greater than the population of Russia. Russia is the ninth populous country in the world and the largest in the area.

The population of Uttar Pradesh ALONE is more or less the same as that of the entire nation of Brazil!

Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India. UP has a population of more than 19 crores (190 million).


Chattisgarh + Orissa > Australia 

States like Chattisgarh and Orissa are not behind UP. Orissa has more humans than Canada and Chhattisgarh than Australia! Both the countries are bigger than India area wise!

In India, more than 20% of the population live below poverty line.

 In Urban Areas, they have no alternative and have to live in slums. Over 65 million Indians are living in slums. That’s almost the same population as the country of Thailand!

Bihar has a population density of 1,102 people per square Km

India has an average population density of 342 people per Square Km. This seems fine but be prepared to be blown away when you hear the population density of Bihar. That is not only the highest in the country but it also makes it one of the densely populated country in the world.


India access to Internet

It is estimated that only 24-32% of people in India has access to the Internet. This is quite shocking to know even if we take the lower limit i.e. 16%, then also India will have more internet users than the population of Australia.

Kumbh Mela from space

Around 100 million devotees visit the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, a number equal to the combined population of South Korea and Columbia. It is estimated that during the 2011 Kumbh ka Mela, around 80 million visited the site in one day. If the population of India is said to be 100, then take a look at the population of the countries around the world.

posted Apr 18, 2016 by Reshmi S

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