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Who is called the father of Operation Flood in India?

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Who is called the father of Operation Flood in India?
posted Apr 2, 2016 by Kavana Gowda

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1 Answer

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Operation Flood

It was launched in 1970, is a project of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), which was the world's biggest dairy development program. It transformed India from a milk-deficient nation into the world's largest milk producer, surpassing the USA in 1998, with about 17 percent of global output in 2010–11, which in 30 years doubled milk available per person,and which made dairy farming India’s largest self-sustainable rural employment generator. It was launched to help farmers direct their own development, placing control of the resources they create in their own hands. All this was achieved not merely by mass production, but by production by the masses.

The Anand pattern experiment at Amul, a single, cooperative dairy, was the engine behind the success of the program. Verghese Kurien was made the chairman of NDDB by the then Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri, and he was the chairman and founder of Amul. Kurien gave the necessary thrust using his professional management skills to the program, and is recognized as its architect.

Father of Operation Flood: Dr. Verghese Kurien

answer Apr 4, 2016 by Manikandan J