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Important Google Urls Which You Dont Know !!

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It is no wonder saying Google is also a part of our Life. Everything you do, every Place you visit, your Interests, your Passwords what not Google has an Idea about all these Things with the Help of your Google Account and the Smartphone you use.Here Presenting you with 11 important Google Links which are useful in our Daily Life All these are available in your Google Account only if you have connected your Google Account with your Smartphone.

1. Google allows you to Filter Ads based on your Interests. There are almost 15+ Ad Categories to Select from. You can even add another Catagery of your Interest also.  Google provides an option to Turn ON or OFF also.

Google also calculates your age and gender based on your ads.

Here is the Link:

2. Google stores all the Auto Sign In Passwords which you saved on different websites by signing in with your Google Account and clicks Save Password option. You can even know the Password by clicking the Highlighted option in the Picture below.

Here is the Link:

3. Everything and Anything you Search on Google when you are signed in goes into their Record and is saved even after many Years. You can even see the Google Searches made by you for any previous day.

Google Provides Search History even for your Smart Phone Device.

Here is the Link:

4. Google stores all you Account Information like How many Android Devices you are signed in, your Google Calender, Google Contacts, Google Docs.

Here is the Link:

5. You can change many Settings of your Google Account. Like Security Settings, Personal and Privacy Settings, Account Preferences etc.

Here is the Link:

6. Google also meets your Requirement and allows users to Download Everything from your Google Account. Like Youtube Videos, Google Photos, Contacts, Bookmarks, Location History, Google Drive Files, Blogger Stuff etc.

Here is the Link:

7. Wondering who is using your Google Account? Or want to know How many Devices you are signed in with your Google Account. Google Provides even this Data also.

Here is the Link:

8. Google Account will be Terminated if you don’t login once in every 9 months, People with multiple Google accounts may forget to Login in every 9 months. So Google Provides an Option to set up a Secondary Account for Reminders purpose.

Here is the Link:

9. Just Like Google Search History you can even Manage your Youtube Search History also. This Includes all the Searches made on Youtube with your Google Account Signed in.

Here is the Link:

10. Google even Stores your Voice Search, Do you ever know about this. I was Shocked to know about this. You can even Play it with the Option as shown in the Picture Below.

Check your Voice Search Here:

11. And Here comes the Ultimate One. I am Sure You will Wonder how can this Happen. Ever Wondered where were you Last Sunday or on New Year’s Eve 2 years Back. Google has a Solution for this also, Google Stores all the Locations you visit with your Smart Phone Device.

Note: This is available only for those who has Location History ON for your Google Account in your Smart Phone.

Here is the Link:

posted Mar 2, 2016 by Deepika Jain

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Each organization strives to guarantee that its logo is not quite recently conspicuous from that of others, but rather passes on a message to its shopper. Take a look at some of the popular 'brands' logos and the interesting meanings they carry.

1. Apple

It is said that at one phase in Apple's presence, its logo used to include energetic, multi-colored stripes — to underscore the way that the organization created PCs with color screens. However, in 1998, after the arrival of Steve Jobs and the coming of another era of PCs, Apple changed to the monochrome version of the logo.

2. Amazon

The Amazon logo doesn't seem like it may conceal anything unique. Be that as it may, it's been intended to help us comprehend the reasoning of the brand. The yellow bolt looks like a grin, highlighting the way that the organization needs their clients to be glad. What's more, the bolt that associates the letters "An" and "Z" indicates the way that this online store has totally everything.

3. BMW

It is said that BMW begun as an aircraft producer, and its logo stays consistent with these roots. In any case, in opposition to the prevalent view that the logo depicted the development of an air ship propeller with the white sharp edges slicing through a blue sky, it really insinuates the Bavarian flag, which has a checkered pattern of blue and white colors.

4. Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz logo symbolizes the organization's trust in its own flawlessness. It is said that the three-pointed star speaks to mastery in each condition — ashore, water and in the air.

5. FedEx

If you look closely at the logo, you can see a bolt, which is shaped by the vacant space between the letters "E" and 'X'. It is said that this bolt symbolizes speed and exactness — the two managing standards of the organization.

6. McDonald’s

Yes, the letter "M" remains for McDonald's, yet as indicated by outline expert and therapist, Louis Cheskin, the adjusted "M" additionally speaks to a couple of feeding bosoms. It is said that in the 1960s, McDonald's was set up to relinquish this logo, however Cheskin effectively asked the organization to keep up this marking with its Freudian symbolism.

7. Formula 1

If you look closely at the empty space between the "F" and the red stripes, you'll see it change into a '1′. It is said that the logo is intended to pass on a feeling of speed.

8. Unilever

Unilever produces an enormous number of diverse products, and this is reflected in their logo. The organization's logo was intended to incorporate 25 symbols, each of which speaks to something vital to the organization. For instance, the heart means love, care and prosperity, while the winged creature symbolizes opportunity, freedom from regular errands, and happiness regarding life.

9. Sony Vaio

The Sony Vaio logo incorporates the thoughts of simple and advanced innovation into one. The initial two letters, "V" and 'A', represent to a simple wave, while the keep going two, "I" and 'O', represent to parallel from the digital world.

10. Bluetooth

In the tenth century AD, Denmark was controlled by King Harald Blåtand, a recorded figure acclaimed for joining Danish tribes into a solitary kingdom. Harald was frequently called "Bluetooth" since he was a known significant other of blueberries. It is said that no less than one of his teeth had a lasting blue tint.

Bluetooth innovation is intended for joining different gadgets into a solitary system. The image speaking to this innovation is a blend of two Scandinavian runes: "Hagall" (or 'Hagalaz'), which is the simple of the Latin 'H', and "Bjarkan" — a rune that equivalents the Latin letter 'B'. Along these lines, the two runes shape the initials of Harald Blåtand's name. Coincidentally, an original Bluetooth gadget was shaded blue and took after a tooth.

11. Power On

The "power" (or "power on") image can be found on any gadget, yet few individuals think about its inceptions. It is said that as ahead of schedule as the 1940s, engineers utilized a paired framework for speaking to particular switches, where 1 implied on and 0 implied off. In the next decades, it changed into a sign that elements a circle (zero) and a vertical line (one).

12. Carrefour

Carrefour is a multinational and one of the greatest European retailers headquartered in France. The organization's logo, which symbolizes the continuous development of the organization, is made in the shades of the French banner. Likewise, the logo additionally fuses the principal letter of the organization's name.

13. Big Ten

The Big Ten is a academic association established in 1896. Until 1990, this union comprised of 10 colleges. At that point, in June 1990, it was joined by Pennsylvania State University. The affiliation chose not to change its name but rather to mean the including of another part, it basically included "11" to its logo. It is found in white shading with one 1 preceding the letter "T" and the other after it.

14. Continental

Continental is a leading German car producing organization represent considerable authority in tires. One of those tires is obviously present in the organization's logo — made by the mix of the first two letters.

15. Sun Microsystems

The Sun Microsystems' logo is one of the world's most celebrated ambigrams. "Sun" frames the premise of a square and can be perused from each of its corners. The logo was said to be made by Stanford teacher, Vaughan Pratt.