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What is a nickname for Australia?

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What is a nickname for Australia?
posted Jan 22, 2016 by Sidharth Malhotra

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1 Answer

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Following are the popular Nick Names of Australia
1. The lucky country
2. The land down under
3. The land of Plenty
4. The sunburnt country
5. Oz
6. Aussie
7. The outback
8. The never never
9. The sand pit
10. The Land of the Long Weekend

The lucky country
The Lucky Country is a 1964 book by Donald Horne. The title has become a nickname for Australia and is generally used favourably, although the origin of the phrase was negative.

The land down under
The discovery of Australia began when European explorers searched for a land under the continent of Asia. Before Australia was discovered, it was known as Terra Australis Incognita the unknown southern land.

The land of Plenty
Firslty is was originally called this in jest of the fact that there are Plenty of convicts in Australia. In fact pretty much all the white people in Australia are of convict heritage. The second is because there is plenty of sand. And the third because there used to be plenty of Aborigines until the white convicts arrived and settled the place. Then they shot the aborigines for sport. Now there aren't very many, and certainly not plenty.

The sunburnt country
Because of its weather in Australia. Also because of its lands of sweeping plains and ragged mountain ranges. The droughts and flooding rains.

Shortened version of Australia,

Another shortened version of Australia,

The outback
For the part of the country that is outback.

The never never
Same as outback

The sand pit
Applies more to Western Australia

The Land of the Long Weekend
- there are 10 public holidays in the working year, often on a Monday
- rostered days off (or flexi days) are often taken on a Friday
- full time permanent workers are usually entitled to ten sick days per year and it's not unusual for the worker to fall sick on a Monday, or sometimes on a Friday.

answer Jan 23, 2016 by Danial Rotwaski
Thanks for this long list of nicnames
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