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Who was leader of the Army of Pandavas in the famous war Kurukshetra and why he was chosen?

+3 votes
Who was leader of the Army of Pandavas in the famous war Kurukshetra and why he was chosen?
posted Nov 30, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Pandavas appointed Dhristadyumna as the supreme commander of the Pandava army. Mahabharata says that kingdoms from all over ancient India supplied troops or provided logistic support on the Pandava side. Some of these were: Kekaya, Pandya, Cholas, Magadha, and many more.

answer Dec 1, 2015 by Amit Kumar Pandey
Good Evening dear Amit,
Quite correct Dhristadyumna was the leader of the Pandava army.
But still, I feel the answer as incomplete, because a part of the question asks "Why he was chosen".
The question is really a good one. May be Anonymous knows it right.

Well anyway to my knowledge there are two reason for choosing  Dhristadyumna as the leader of the Pandava army.

One reason is Drupada the father of Dhristadyumna prayed the Gods to bless him with a blessed son with the power to Kill Dronacharya.

And the second reason is Dhristadyumna was the student of Draonacharya from whom he learned the complete art of Warfare and became an authority on the subject of War and techniques, which was his best qualification and choice to lead an army.

If I am wrong I request you as well as all the viewers of my comment, to kindly excuse me and ignore my answer to your answer .

All the best and good luck.
With regards and blessings.
Uma Maheswar
Thanks Uma for this explanatory answer..
One other reason could be that Padava's army was having troops maily from Panchal so it make sense to choose Panchal Prince as commander as he would have better control on them.
Thank you dear Salil ji
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