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what are the best retirement pension plans in India?

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what are the best retirement pension plans in India?
posted Dec 16, 2014 by Krishna Pmv

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2 Answers

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It depends on your need, you can compare them at

But would be good if you can get yourself comfortable with following terms -

Terms Related with Pension Plan

VESTING AGE: The age at which you choose to start receiving pension.

ANNUITY: Regular monthly pension payable to you after your cross the vesting age.

SUM ASSURED: The amount that the nominee receives in the event of death of the insured during the accumulation period.

ACCUMULATION PERIOD: This is the period when you pay premiums to accumulate funds for retirement.

SURRENDER CHARGES: Charges levied by the insurer if you end the policy before the date of vesting.

PARTICIPATING PLANS: These plans give a share of the insurer's profit to policy holders. This share is not fixed and depends on the financial performance of the company.

answer Dec 16, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
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As an alternative, you can compare pension plans at Policyx contains good features and by far the best comparison tools.

Pension Plans in India at PolicyX

answer May 18, 2016 by Dean Copper