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Askania-Nova is the first nature reserve, established in 1898, of which country?

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Askania-Nova is the first nature reserve, established in 1898, of which country?
posted May 14 by Pankaj Deshmukh
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1 Answer

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The reserve consists of a zoological park, a botanical (dendrological) garden, and an open territory of virgin steppes. As well as this it is an active member of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme, and houses a research institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It lies just north-east of the Crimean Peninsula. It was devastated in World War I; in 1919 Russia confiscated and nationalised it (later establishing a globally leading scientific-research institute); in 1993 after the Soviet Union had dissolved Ukraine confirmed its status as a biosphere reserve; in 2022 it was directly in the path of Russian forces when they accelerated their push to invade Ukraine further and overwhelmed the territory.

answer May 15 by Varuna Magar

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