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what is the minimum qualification for Indian navy position?

+2 votes
what is the minimum qualification for Indian navy position?
posted Nov 26, 2014 by Ujjwal Mehra

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1 Answer

+3 votes

Age criteria
Applicants should have minimum age 19 ½ and maximum age 25 year, this age limit is same for woman candidates.

Educational qualification (should have any one of this)
1. BE/B Tech (Computer Science/Computer Engg/IT)
2. BSc (IT)
3. M Tech (Computer Science)
4. MSc (Computer)

Physical measurement
Applicants need to be fit in all respect of physically and candidates should be physically strong and fit with running and exercise and must not be color night blind.

Other Standard Requirements are
1. Height and Weight. Minimum height for male -157 cm with correlated weight.
2. Eye Sight. 6/60, 6/60

answer Nov 28, 2014 by Manikandan J
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