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By which process liquid Vegetable Oil is converted to solid Vanaspati Ghee ?

+3 votes
By which process liquid Vegetable Oil is converted to solid Vanaspati Ghee ?
posted Jun 29, 2015 by Swati Arora

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4 Answers

+2 votes


To treat or combine chemically an unsaturated compound with hydrogen. Liquid vegetable oils are often hydrogenated to turn them into solids. To turn coal into oil by combining its carbon with hydrogen to form hydrocarbons.

answer Jun 30, 2015 by Amit Kumar Pandey
+1 vote

Through hydrogenation .. well this is because to convert unsaturated compound into saturated compound must undergo additional process...So in this case hydrogenation process plays the role as veg oil is has double hydrogen bond ..As a result through the complete process of hydrogenation oil can be converted into vegetable ghee

answer Feb 17, 2017 by Saranee Karthikesan
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answer Mar 7, 2016 by Vikash Singh
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answer Apr 21, 2016 by Debolina Charaborthy
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