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Where are more than half of the known mud volcanoes found?

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Where are more than half of the known mud volcanoes found?
posted Apr 20 by Kuldeep Apte

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1 Answer

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Along the Alpine-Himalaya belt from the Mediterranean Sea to China and the western Pacific Ocean
Mud volcanoes, or cold seeps, are little understood geological features which expel fine-grained clay-like material. Eruptions are often cold or cool, and vary from widely explosive to relatively circumscribed. About 2,000 mud volcanoes have been described to date. Dimitrov, 2002: "Of all known mud volcanoes, more than half (about 650 onshore and at least 470 offshore) can be related to the Alpine-Himalaya active belt." Dimitrov, 2003: "Starting with the Mediterranean Ridge, this mud volcanic belt continues all the way down to the Indonesia–Australia accretion and collision complexes via Romania and the Black Sea, the Caucasus/Caspian Sea region, Iran, Pakistan, India, and China." In addition, Kopf, 2002, and Dimitrov, 2003: "The western flank of the Pacific Ocean from the Sakhalin Island/Sea of Okhotsk area in the north via Japan, Taiwan, the Marianas, Melanesia, Samoa and Australia to New Zealand in the south holds some 150 onshore volcanoes."

answer Apr 21 by Tapesh Kulkarni
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