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Top Tips To Make Your Home And Garden Safe For Your Pets

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If you are a proud pet-parent, there's no doubt that you want your four-legged family member to be safe, secure, and happy. So we have compiled this list of tips to ensure you can give your pet a safe environment absent of all potential dangers. Caring for the well-being of your pet should also mean twice-yearly exams with a professional vet as well as regular dog grooming that will keep ticks, fleas, and other issues at bay. However, these top tips will help you transform your home and garden into the ideal space for an active pup.


Discard Poisonous Plants

There are tons of common garden plants that can be fatally dangerous for your beloved pup, and ivy, sago palm, aloe vera, and American holly mention only a mere few. Be sure to research the plants in your yard and your indoor plants to be sure no toxic growers are threatening the life of your four-legged friend.


Keep The Lawn Neat And Clean

Even though there is no doubt your pup would enjoy exploring a wilderness jungle in your back yard, overgrowing yards can be concerning. While long grass and overgrown hedges are by no means appealing, an untended yard can be breeding grounds for ticks, fleas, and an assortment of critters that can cause concerning health issues for your pet. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your lawn neat and clean and make regular efforts to tend to your yard.


Clear The Floors Of Your Home

Any active puppy won't think twice about chewing up items left lying around, and we all know young dogs have made quite the reputation for themselves as professional shoe chewers. Instead of enduring endless frustration and trips to the mall to replace chewed up things, you should make a regular effort to clean the floors in your home.


Provide A Safe Space

Even if your furry friend is sleeping on your bed, you should still provide a safe space that is just for your pet. You won't need more than a pet bed and a soft blanket to give your pet a place of its own. A pet bed will not just be a place for your pup to sleep and relax, as it will also be a place your pet will familiarise with after a short time. This effort will assist with separation anxiety as well.


Protecting The Health Of Your Pet

Once you have successfully puppy-proofed your home and garden, your next priority will be protecting the health of your pet. You will need to be devoted to twice-yearly vet checkups, annual vaccines, deworming, and routine grooming. In addition to this, your pet's diet is also vital for ensuring your pet is healthy. Be sure to inquire at your trusted vet to determine which brand of pet food is best or your pup's specific dog breed and age. Pet foods are vastly different, and opting for the wrong one may mean that your pet won't be getting enough nutrition, leading to health issues.

posted Jan 4, 2021 by Divya Bharti

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Homes are increasingly picking the smartness fever with sophisticated phones, fridges, television sets, and even kitchen appliances. As if that is not enough, 2020 presents some of the most iconic developments to create a smart home. These devices and the technology embedded are meant to make life at home more convenient, and they are achieving this goal.


A smart home or room will save time used to perform some of the mundane tasks like walk across to devices or feeding instructions manually. You can also use these smart gadgets to buy assignment online without typing a word. Here are smart home gadgets you should consider buying to make the house more convenient and comfortable.

1. Amazon Echo Dot

It is regarded as the best smart speaker in the market today. It crossed over to 2020 with upgrades meant to make it more competitive that its peers in the industry. Though it is an entry level gadget and comes at an unbelievable price of $50, its response has significantly improved, making it among the most accurate smart gadgets you can have at home.

Amazon is still ahead with skills and support for third-party devices. The speaker will mimic the natural conversation flow, giving you the most accurate results. It also comes with a very clear sound and compact size to top it up.

2. Brilliant Control

Brilliant Control is a gadget mounted on the wall and used to control other smart devices in the house. It is connected using Wi-Fi and will place your light, television, speakers, fridge, and other devices at the palm of your hands. You can even see who is at the door without leaving your couch.

Brilliant Control comes with user-friendly buttons that will not require extensive orientation to learn how they are used. However, it will require a bit of wiring and comes at a price. However, it helps you to create a single command center where everything around the house is controlled. Isn’t that a brilliant gadget?

3. Google Nest Hub

Nest Hub is what was formally referred to as Home Hub but with improved features. Google has improved its voice assistance, design, and responsiveness, making it a premium smart device for any home. The screen interface is meant to give you the right amount of feedback you require to make decisions. The display will show the words that google is searching, just to confirm that it heard you correctly.

Google Nest Hub also works seamlessly with other cameras and smart devices that are connected around the home. For instance, connecting it to cameras around the home helps you to monitor activity in the home. If you need video options, you have numerous excellent third-party options to try.

4. Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug

The device is designed to transform non-smart gadgets into smart ones. It is one of the most affordable converters in its category at just $17. However, the price has not stopped the converter from offering some of the features you will only see in premium products. This is your shortcut to integrating all the smart devices in your house.

5. Alro Ultra

The Alro Ultra raises the bar in the outdoor cameras category. It will record and stream videos in 4k and UHD if that is your preference. While it appears expensive, you will get more than you have bargained for with your $400. Since it is wireless, installation is easy. It also comes with a subscription plan to enable you to enjoy all the camera features on offer. It will guarantee real value for money.

Smart gadgets are endless and will perform numerous tasks at home. While some are pricy, it is the features on offer that make the investment worthwhile. As new technology emerges, every home is about to be turned into a technology bubble.