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What was the name given to a controversy about vivisection in England from 1903 to 1910?

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What was the name given to a controversy about vivisection in England from 1903 to 1910 that involved the infiltration of University of London medical lectures by Swedish women activists, street battles between medical students and suffragettes, trade unionists and the police, police protection for the statue of a dog in Battersea Park, its removal by the authorities in 1910 (and its replacement in 1985), a libel trial and the establishment of a Royal Commission?

posted Dec 11, 2020 by Varuna Magar

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1 Answer

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The Brown Dog affair
The controversy was triggered by allegations that, in February 1903, William Bayliss of the Department of Physiology at University College, London had performed illegal dissection before an audience of 60 medical students on a brown terrier dog: adequately anaesthetized, according to Bayliss and his team, but conscious and struggling according to the Swedish activists. The procedure was condemned as cruel and unlawful by the National Anti-Vivisection Society. Bayliss, whose research on dogs led to the discovery of hormones, sued for libel and won.

answer Dec 13, 2020 by Harshita Dhaliwal
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