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Can someone tell me which is the best institute for AWS training?

0 votes
Can someone tell me which is the best institute for AWS training?
posted Oct 28 by Kim Brown

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1 Answer

0 votes

There are so many institutes for AWS learning no one can suggest you the best one because every institute has its own good and bad things but I can give you suggestions about how you can choose between the institutes. Here I am giving some of the important things which you must consider before choosing an institute for AWS certification:

The first thing which you should consider is whether they are partnered with AWS training AWS or not because if they are not partnered with AWS then they cant provide you the AWS certification on their own.
In this current time of the global pandemic, I think you must consider getting training from home because it is not safe for you to study in classes where so many students are studying with you.
Consider those institutes which have a good training background and which have good reviews from their past students.
Bonus Tip: If you consider an institute that has international training background then it will easier for you to get the certification plus they will also guide you about different tips for exam passing considering different countries.

Opinion: I think my opinion also matters here if we consider all the above factors then Koening Solutions will be the best option for AWS certification because they have taught so many students in the past six months from different countries including India and with their unique 1 on 1 method of teaching and you can easily study from your home as your comfort.

answer Oct 28 by Anvesha Jain
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