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Select your research topic..

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Select your research topic;

Please identify for me "rough cut"of your topic area and research questions.

Related to the above, please locate at least seven(7) sources of prior literature in the area. Traditionally,we think of these as articles is published in refereed joumals. But, in the broader sense,"the literature"should include dissertation, as-yet-unpublished, conference proceedings (e.g.,papers distributed presented as part of conference presentation); and the like.

For each of these, please summarize for me the following:
a. Title,author(s),year, source(e.g.,jumal or conference where published; dissertation defended at x college/school);
b. A brief narrative summary of contents of the source;
c. Your specific rational for including the article - e.g., how does it fit into the scheme of things regarding your topic?

posted Aug 24 by Koko Ilyas

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