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Edward Wilson as chief scientist, and others - zoologists, biologists, geologists, a physicist and.................

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Edward Wilson as chief scientist, and others - zoologists, biologists, geologists, a physicist and a meteorologist - were the scientific team for which expedition?

posted Jun 5 by Harshita Dhaliwal

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1 Answer

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Terra Nova Expedition, led by Sir Robert Falcon Scott
Sir Charles Wright, Frank Debenham, Raymond Priestley, T. Griffith Taylor, Edward W. Nelson, Denis G. Lillie, and Apsley Cherry-Garrard completed the team. Wilson hoped to continue investigations, begun during the Discovery Expedition, of the penguin colony at Cape Crozier, and to fulfil a programme of geological, magnetic and meteorology studies on an "unprecedented" scale. There were further plans to explore King Edward VII Land, a venture described by the officer who was to lead it as "the thing of the whole expedition", and Victoria Land. Wilson accompanied Scott in his eventual push to the North Pole and died on the return journey. Terra Nova was the name of the ship.

answer Jun 8 by Rajni
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